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DropBox is Not Your Friend

Let me start out by saying that DropBox CAN be the perfect solution for many small businesses – IF it’s the solution to the right problem! There’s an old saying among people who work with their hands: Use the right tool for the right job. When you use the wrong tool, either you injure yourself

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Windows XP: Do No Resuscitate

I am writing a book and working on a chapter about “Nuking and Paving” desktop computers. That’s when you totally flatten a computer and rebuild from scratch. This may be done for a variety of reasons, including some super nasty virus attacks One of the important decisions you need to make is whether the computer

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Caisse Consulting Inc. obtained Synology Silver Partner Status

Synology, the Bellevue, Washington-based provider of Network Attached Storage (NAS) servers, has added Caisse Consulting Inc, an Florida based business a Silver Certificate for product knowledge and expert solution design. The certification introduces valuable reseller tools and training, and is designed to help the company’s partners find the best possible solutions for their clients. Resellers

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GFI Max ServiceDesk 101

Brian Caisse of Caisse Consulting will be giving us an overview of GFI Max ServiceDesk for monitoring, support, and of course, as a help desk. Brian will also be going over the latest features, as well as comparing products currently on the market similar to GFI. We will be meeting Tuesday, January 13, 2015 at

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10 biggest home networking mistakes (and how to fix them)

Republished from By Keith Shaw, Network World July 01, 2013 The chances are pretty good that you have a wireless home network, or you’ve been asked by friends, family or coworkers to help install one in their home. While we’re sure that you’ve never made a mistake during these setups, advances in home networking equipment (new configurations, wireless standards, etc.) have also introduced some

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Free IT Management Software

Free IT Management Software Use Spiceworks for everything from network management to running your help desk.

3CX Windows based VoIP phone system

3CX Phone System for Windows

3CX Phone System for Windows is an award-winning software based IP PBX that replaces a traditional hardware PBX with an open standard, easily manageable IP PBX. It allows companies to cut call costs, PBX administration and increase productivity and mobility at the same time.

Network health check

Is your Network Healthy?

* Critical systems rely on the network and demand 100% performance and uptime. * A Network Health Check analyzes the network infrastructure for present and future points. * Much like a checkup at the doctor - problems can be found before they turn into network-cardiac arrest.